Draw It Live!

If you often have to stand in front of a group and would like to find out how live drawing can help, come and draw with us!

Draw It Live!

Are you often required to stand in front of a group, with a marker in one hand and a board behind you, all geared up to respond to your audience? Do you already have the confidence to make some basic drawings, but think your technique could do with some polishing? Are you interested in finding out how visuals can help people work together better? Then join Draw it Live! Take your drawings to the next level, and practice live drawing in interaction with your audience.

Who’s it for? This training is for everyone who already makes drawings at work regularly. Maybe you’ve already attended our ‘Just Draw It!’ training or something similar?

When will I be able to use it? The skills you learn will be useful when talking to customers, or during a sales pitch, workshop, brainstorming session, meeting, kick-off, etc.

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You’ll end the training feeling happy and confident about your ability to create large drawings live for an audience, and take a case home with you containing handy drawing materials and a folder with handouts.

To get the most out of this training, it’s best to work on your own business case. We’ll be happy to help you decide this beforehand.

If you enjoy drawing, don’t forget to have a look at our Just Draw It! training.


What you take home:

You learn to make large drawings.
You find out how you can make your drawings more expressive.
You receive tips on posture, how to use pens, and how to draw and talk.
You’ll work on your own business case, with personal supervision.
You get tips on transmitting your ideas interactively.
You’re challenged to engage your audience in your message.
Interested in this training? Contact us: call +31 (0)20 428 9550 or send an email to Sarannah@demonchyenbakker.nl. Or click on 'More info', fill in the form and we will contact you.
If you’d rather take part with your team, we can also arrange an in-company training.

Experiences from
our clients

“For anyone who wants to escape the limits of PowerPoint, visual storytelling adds life to ideas and complex information. Your presentation also never comes to a halt because of technical problems, and the audience can easily remember the transmitted information. In other words, just draw it!”
Kirsten van Rijn, KPN
“I never thought that I’d be able to draw like this, but in fact it’s really simple!”
Joyce Ohello, Rabobank
“Enjoyable training! I learned a lot about drawing techniques and strategies in a relatively short time, above all through plenty of practice.”
Hildo Bonnema, de Volksbank (SNS)