We can organise a training for your entire team or department, whatever the size of your organisation. The following are just some of those who turn to us: KPN, De Nederlandsche Bank, de AFM, Alliander, TenneT, Rhythm, Stevin Technology Consultants, Bynder, Solidaridad, Stichting MOVE, Amsterdam UMC, Pels Rijcken, PostNL, TataSteel, VodafoneZiggo, Meijburg, Rai, Body & Fit, NS, Jumbo, KeyLane, Jaarbeurs, Synechron and KPMG.

What’s the advantage of a training for the whole team?
Firstly, we design the course around the organisation’s needs. The team members will speak the same language and learn to support each other, embedding the lessons learned in the training. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, whatever your objective; working with your team on confident and effective presentations, convincing pitches, enlightening drawings, or inspiring storytelling. You can always call or e-mail us at any time to make an appointment.

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Experiences from
our clients

“I had so much confidence that I was able to enthusiastically tell my story from memory.”
Marcel Verstraten, HTM Personenvervoer
“I’ve gained more awareness of the type of story that you can tell, and the elements involved in constructing each kind of story. Stories interweaving individuality, emotions and personal experiences had the greatest impact and inspired the highest engagement of both the speaker and listener, even those dealing with technical subjects.”
Carmen Stevens-Levert, CompaNanny
“For anyone who wants to escape the limits of PowerPoint, visual storytelling adds life to ideas and complex information. Your presentation also never comes to a halt because of technical problems, and the audience can easily remember the transmitted information. In other words, just draw it!”
Kirsten van Rijn, KPN
“During the training, I learned to structure a story. This skill will be useful to me for the rest of my career.”
Marjolein Broekhuisen, KPN
“Basing my presentation on the Pyramid Principle was a breath of fresh air. The slide-making process went well, and the story was logical and easy to tell.”
Ivo Blokker, PostNL
“In a short time, we managed to create a clearly constructed vision that was received with enthusiasm.”
Peter van Veelen, Gemeente Rotterdam
“The training was very useful for me. It built up my confidence for future presentations.”
Janneke Schmidt, Maxus + Helder
“In the past, I never discussed content, but that’s suddenly all changed. Everyone was very enthusiastic about the things we found out, and lots of suggestions arose about the content of next year's programme.”
Edith van Dijk, De Ruiter Seeds
“Our documents are now much more relevant. They’re targeted, with properly reasoned proposals all clearly and convincingly set out in a report.”
Co den Hartog, Alliander
“The training helped us design clear, sharp and convincing presentations.”
Justin van Loon, Stevin Technology Consultants
“The 1-to-1 presentation supervision is incredibly personal and inspirational. I was welcomed with open arms, and I learned how to be myself during presentations very quickly.”
Lisa, Stichting MOVE
“I never thought that I’d be able to draw like this, but in fact it’s really simple!”
Joyce Ohello, Rabobank
“Enjoyable training! I learned a lot about drawing techniques and strategies in a relatively short time, above all through plenty of practice.”
Hildo Bonnema, de Volksbank (SNS)
“It was all very interesting and enlightening. Thanks to this training, I now have more tools to give effective presentations! The training was very entertaining, and the trainer highly knowledgeable and skilled. I highly recommend it!”
Harold Horn, PostNL
“The training covered a whole range of aspects in terms of content and skills, from conception to final presentation. The book and the follow-up provide me more insight in the areas where I still needed some assistance.”
Gonnette Nielen, ING
“I learned and experienced the power of a good 'Who am I' story, namely that an audience is much more open when you share something personal with them. I managed to get my audience engaged in my passion for process optimisation by looking back at my former part-time job in the kitchen of a snack bar.”
Astrid van Leeuwen, Amsterdam UMC, VUmc
“I’m really glad I chose De Monchy & Bakker for my team. The coaches have the patience, perception and attention needed to give every participant the perfect tools to convey a story.”
James Doeland, ABN Amro
“It was a valuable training on transmitting a story clearly and powerfully. Participating with the team made it even more useful. It helped us create a common approach, and I think that supporting each other and knocking ideas about is very useful in practice.”
Edmond Vossen, Enexis
“We’re now better at enthusing our customers with our analyses and ideas.”
Maton Sonnemans, VODW