Inspire through Storytelling

If you want to appeal to people’s imagination, touch their souls, warn them or simply teach them something, tell them a story! And not just any story, a personal story.

Discover the five essential stories

Telling each other stories has always been part of human existence, whether relaxing around a campfire with friends, enjoying a meal with family, or chatting with colleagues during breaks. Stories teach us, bind us and stimulate our imaginations, so they’re very powerful tools both at home and at work.

A well-chosen story is the perfect vehicle to warn people by telling them about your own mistakes, for example, and offers others a chance to learn.

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You’ll obviously have your personal objectives for taking part in this training. Maybe you need to make stakeholders enthusiastic about a new service, involve staff in the merger of two departments, overcome resistance to a takeover, or inspire colleagues about the direction of the department, for example. These are all situations where storytelling skills are important. This story has to be carefully chosen, however; it must be personal and have the power to inspire.

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In this training you learn:

Create five different types of stories
Deploy the right story at the right time
Write your own story
Recognise the ingredients that make a story inspiring
Narrate a story
Listen attentively and experience how this affects you
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If you’d rather take part with your team, we can also arrange an in-company training.

Experiences from
our clients

“I’ve gained more awareness of the type of story that you can tell, and the elements involved in constructing each kind of story. Stories interweaving individuality, emotions and personal experiences had the greatest impact and inspired the highest engagement of both the speaker and listener, even those dealing with technical subjects.”
Carmen Stevens-Levert, CompaNanny
“I learned and experienced the power of a good 'Who am I' story, namely that an audience is much more open when you share something personal with them. I managed to get my audience engaged in my passion for process optimisation by looking back at my former part-time job in the kitchen of a snack bar.”
Astrid van Leeuwen, Amsterdam UMC, VUmc