Pitch your idea

Do you like the sound of immediately getting everyone on the edge of their seats listening attentively to your great idea, and eager to hear more about what you have to say? Then join us!

Stimulate interest with a catchy message

Using a pitch to stimulate interest, share a vision, and convince others

Pitch Your Idea! is a 1-day training where you learn all about stimulating interest, sharing a vision, and convincing your audience with a pitch. Did you know, for example, that a pitch isn’t a monologue but a dialogue? That slides are unnecessary, and there’s a formula for a catchy message?

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Skills you learn in this training

In the training, you learn the essential components of a convincing pitch step by step: the message, the promises, and the evidence. You’re guided by interesting examples, practical exercises and positive feedback from the coach towards designing your own highly personal pitch. Whether your goal is a higher salary, a new job or approval of a new investment, a powerful, positive and convincing pitch is indispensable.


In this training you learn:

The opening: focus on what your audience needs
The core of a pitch: generate interest
The three components of your message
Structure your message around three promises
Delivering on promises
The fee for this 3-day training course is € 625,- excluding VAT.
The next session is on:
If you’d rather take part with your team, we can also arrange an in-company training. Contact Floris: +31 (0)20-428 95 50.

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